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2017 - Cusco, Peru

Broadcast Abroad 2016 Video

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About the Program:

Last year, a group of illegal Peruvian miners kidnapped and bought children to use for trafficking purposes. The miners would keep the boys malnourished so they would be small enough to send down into mine shafts, and the girls were sold to other miners for sex. The government recently arrested the miners, and the rescued children were held at a women's jail facility, as it was the only "safe" environment for them. Child Rescue Association of America has secured property and a building for the children, next to an orphanage. This orphanage is willing and able to help the kids once the building is ready to occupy. 

Broadcast Abroad is now accepting high school and college students to travel to Cusco, Peru to help finalize work, assess future relations with the orphanage, assist with education and health needs, and serve at the current location. The trip will also include a two day trip to Machu Picchu, as well as a city tour throughout Cusco. We are also looking for adult mentors to assist with leadership positions and planning, and who will also have the opportunity to travel with the students.  

Summer 2018 Locations TBA

Dates and Cost:

Student Trip 1 (July 3rd-17th): $3,200* 

Student Trip 2 (August 1st-15th): $3,200* 

*Cost includes airfare, accommodation, Machu Picchu trip, and all food. 

Summer 2018 dates & cost: TBD

Payment Schedule:

November 1st: $500 

Future payments TBD