Student Trips

2018 - 2019

Lusaka, Zambia & Jaipur, India

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About the Programs:

Jaipur, India

We are very excited to announce our new site for 2019 - Jaipur, India! We are partnering with the Satyathti Movement and working at the Bal Ashram near Jaipur.

The Bal Ashram provides care and protection to survivors of trafficking and forced labor through its residential centre program. Students will help the children to be change agents to protect their peers from possible exploitation. The scheme of education in Bal Ashram is holistic in nature and help these children develop better interpersonal skills and leadership abilities through activities like Formal education, vocational education, cultural and vocational education.

Additionally, students will be taking a few days to explore the culture and sites of India!

Lusaka, Zambia

We are very excited to be returning to our new site in Lusaka, Zambia for the 2nd year. The Zambia team will be partnering with an organization called I Am Zambia, who are currently working to teach girls the knowledge, skills, and trades of the digital world.

I Am Zambia focuses on providing no-cost, supplemental entrepreneurship education to girls in Lusaka and surrounding areas. Backyard Broadcast volunteers will offer valuable support as the teaching staff guides the I Am Zambia students in English, technology and entrepreneurship classes. Additionally, volunteers will be able to serve throughout the community at other local nonprofits and at I Am Zambia's new rural facility in Nampundwe Village. Plus, volunteers will get the chance to enjoy a safari expedition or other exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

Dates and Cost:

Jaipur, India

2019 Dates: June 18th - July 3rd

2019 Cost: $4,000*

*Cost will include airfare, accommodation, food, and any tourist trips

Lusaka, Zambia

2019 Dates: July 9th - 23rd

2019 Cost: $4,500*

* Cost includes airfare, accommodation, all food, and safari day trip.

Payment Schedule:

November 24th: $500 down payment due

Future payments TBD

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